Bob Niel and David Pace have been collaborating in glass since 1988. Coming from different backgrounds, they formed a studio in Houston to pursue the art of glass. They have recently relocated to a larger studio in the beautiful Texas Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio.

David brought years of experience in commercial glass having owned a shop in Houston for years.  And Bob contributed a sense of creativity having pursued art at LSU.

Both are self-taught in the intricacies of glass, using constant experimentation to acheive unique and interesting results and designs.

 Together they have complemented each other in style and form, taking the best ideas each has to offer.  David is more free form and tends to draw “outside the lines”, while Bob is more structured and controlled with just a hint of chaos.

 Both enjoy working in glass and feel that the medium lends itself to a very Zen experience.  Using sand to blast and carve designs, shapes and texture into glass, which is fashioned out of sand, makes for a holistic process.  It is a natural yen-yang duality with a fulfilling completeness or oneness in the creating of art.

For more information contact us at:      830.935.2620 studio   713.898.6344 mobile
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